11/12/2009"ProVisions MRP Software Reduces Food Manufacturing Costs, Maximizes Customer Service"
November 12, 2009 — Computer Associates today announced that the ProVisions Food Processing and Distribution Software now includes a software-based Material Requirements Planning (MRP) solution that helps food processors synchronize Sales, Purchasing and Production departments to reduce manufacturing costs and improve customer service.

The ProVisions MRP Module includes complete Bill of Materials, Recipe Management and MRP Scheduling to safeguard against purchasing insufficient quantities of an item used in manufacturing, or purchasing the wrong item, so you’re always able to meet tight customer delivery contracts. The software also ensures that you don’t purchase excessive quantities of an item and tie up cash while it remains as stock.

“Like any other manufacturing organization, food processors face the same daily practical problem: customers want products to be available in a shorter time than it takes to make them. This means that some level of planning is required,” said Frank Motta, vice president of product development for Computer Associates. ProVisons’ MRP software integrates sales, manufacturing and purchasing activities and provides a roadmap of what's needed and when based on production capacity, resources, minimum inventory levels and vendor lead times.”

ProVisions’ MRP software also helps you control the types and quantities of materials you purchase so that you can maintain the lowest possible level of inventory, and you can easily plan manufacturing activities, delivery schedules and purchasing activities to ensure that you can meet current and future customer demand, all at the lowest possible cost

With input from your sales team, ProVisions lets you create a detailed MRP Report listing the annual sales budget and forecast for each item in your inventory. The report is typically run on a weekly basis to ensure that it accounts for current sales projections, accurately reflects what items or raw materials (ingredients, packaging supplies, etc.) are required, how many are required, and when are they required.

The weekly MRP report is distributed to the sales team, purchasing group and the manufacturing supervisor. The manufacturing supervisor uses the report to generate a comprehensive Master Production Schedule (MPS), essentially a roadmap of what is needed and when it’s needed based on manufacturing capacity, resources, minimum inventory levels and vendor lead-times. The MPS report includes a Recommended Production Schedule of the required minimum start and completion dates, with quantities, for each step of the Routing and level of the Bill of Materials.

About ProVisions ERP Software

Developed in conjunction with an advisory group of clients in the wholesale food processing and distribution industry, and designed using industry-best practices and advanced computing technology, Computer Associates’ ProVisions Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software consolidates critical business information to maximize the efficiency of every aspect of your business and help your entire team work smarter, faster and more profitably.

The ProVisions software is designed to help you meet the unique challenges of weight-based, commodity-priced products where yields, lot and portion control, by-product accounting, settlement processing and multiple freezer/warehouse locations are of paramount importance. Whether you deal with meat, bakery goods, prepared foods, condiments or other food products, ProVisions can automate your business processes, reduce operating costs and help you maximize customer service.

For more information, contact your ProVisions Account Manager at 800.422.4782 or visit www.caisoft.com/provisions.